Haven’t posted since Monday. Found myself buried under paper and emails about other people’s posts. Need to reconfigure.

Step one – get unburied.  Basically done. But I still have two folders of print-outs that I need to get into binders in some sort of order so I find what I want.  Blog book missing 101 course days one through three. Have to dig in email trash to find and print those. Hopefully they say Blogging 101 – Day ##.

Step two – reduce my email. Got to cut down on who I’m following to cut down on some of the blog traffic. Won’t give up Alienora but I’m going to have to cut back to 10 or so.  Having so many notifications is cutting into my time to do anything else (like write my own blog, walk the dog, write my fiction, eat (well not really except now when my blood sugar’s dropping but I have to finish this post,) get in the bathroom, etc.)  So I’ll cut back to those I really, really, REALLY want to read and comment about.

Figure out how much I can realistically do. – That’s a hard one because I know if I set myself a schedule and actually follow it, I can do many things. But… life happens and schedules get thrown by the wayside. (Besides that, my inner child really hates being told when she HAS to do something and will run off chasing butterflies or grab the nearest unicorn and set off for places unknown.)

Monday – post Monday fiction (hidden behind the scenes for Monday is making sure I have a fiction post ready to go by the time Monday rolls around – which means no later than Sunday I have to either write the post or at least look over the post planned.)

Tuesday –  Work on a Wednesday Blog – but what to write about – choose something out of WP Daily Prompt or, better yet, Blogging 101.

Wednesday – Post Wednesday blog, preferably before going to TOPS.  TOPS meeting from 9 am until about 11. Drive time to and back is 5 minutes each way. BUT since I’m the chapter leader there’s stuff that needs to be done during the week between meetings and preferably not in the early morning on Wednesday as I’m prone to doing. It takes maybe an hour each week to get things together so when to do it?

Thursday –  I need to get a blog ready for either Friday or Saturday.  I’d like to do one day about Scrapbooking or Card Making. That means I have to create a scrapbook page or make a card. And, if I’m creating a page, that also means I don’t upload it to Flickr until after I’ve done the blog about.

Friday – My Fridays can be a bit mixed up and have been for the last two months.  I even had a Panic moment when I was trying to write about how messed up our Fridays have been so much so that as I was writing all that I didn’t know what day today is – it’s Thursday and I don’t have to worry about going grocery shopping today but I will tomorrow.  But on a “normal” Friday (which might happen in June) I have time to work on a blog for the weekend if it isn’t done already. If it’s already done, it will be posted/published.

Saturday – Saturdays are normally shopping days. If I didn’t post a scrapbooking or card yesterday, I’ll do so on Saturday.

Sunday – Not really a day of rest for me – it’s laundry day.  Not that laundry is an onerous job, just that I need to stay around the house. Can’t leave the house with the laundry going or the dryer running. I want to be here if my house floods or catches on fire.

So I’ve got this already : Monday is Fiction Day,  Wednesday is a Blogging 101 or Daily Prompt of some sort.  It also might include something about our travels or what’s happening around town. And Friday, Saturday or Sunday is a Scrapbooking/card making day for my blog.

Now I’ve got to go dig through my trash and find all the “Blogging 101 Zero to Hero” blogs and make sure I’ve done them and if not, get one posted.  But that has to be after lunch and walking the dog.

About frncnseal585

Daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, retired from gainful employment. We have 2 cats and 2 dogs. I love to travel (we cruise, go to Pagosa Springs and take one other trip every year) I like to digitally scrap book (all that traveling), make greeting cards (all occasion & Christmas), write fantasy fiction (got two, maybe three books in the works right now), and photography. I generally participate in most of Kam of Campfire Chic and Amy of Lemon and Raspberry's 30 Days of Lists challenges and also in Lain Ehman's LayOut a Day (LOAD) challenges.

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  1. Wow, Francine: I am impressed by even your attempt at organisation – considerably further on that I have ever got! Loved the mention of butterflies, unicorns and your bolshie inner child – all oh so recognisable! Apologies for lack of response to earlier posts, by the way: I had ticked ‘follow’ and then completely forgot to tick the menu for when I wanted to receive posts from you – and the system’s default setting, I discovered yesterday, assumes that you do not wish to get any posts at all, ever! Daft, eh? All sorted now, though.
    Thanks so much for mentioning me in dispatches; I was very touched by that.
    I agree with your thinking re followers: we simply do not have the time, or inclination, to respond properly to everyone, and sometimes a discreet cull becomes necessary!

  2. Thanks, Alie – I will be looking at my list of who I’m following probably later today or tomorrow and start winnowing the wheat from the chaff. (I had that backwards orginally – winnowing chaff from the wheat. I guess it makes a difference the order in which you say it.) Just looked it up – winnow is removing the inferior to what you want to keep. So it does make a difference in how you say it. You learn something every day, if you’re not careful.

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