Hey Wait A Minute – Just How Dumb Do You Think I Am?

Have you seen this ad?

Is your “extra virgin” oil even a “virgin” at all?
Shocking findings of new study—see below.
Fresh Pressed Olive Oil But here’s the good news—now there are exquisitely flavorful olive oils available in America independently certified to be 100% pure extra virgin. Even better news—as a reader of Paleohacks.com, you are entitled to receive a full-size sample bottle free, of “the world’s greatest olive oil”1—straight from the olive harvest, at the peak of flavor, freshness, and nutritional quality.
1. Source: My Healing Kitchen, September, 2013

by Dr. Joe W. Frazer III, MD
Specialist in geriatric medicine; consultant to the Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club”

This Dr. Frazer III, MD, is offering a free bottle, out of a stock of 600, to the first 600 people who sign up for the bottle a month at $39 each. This is supposed to be the freshest, best olive oil in the world but I have a few questions.
1) I’ve been seeing this ad in various on-line food or health subscriptions for over a year so does that mean that he can’t even entice 600 people to spring for the free bottle? Aw, com’on – I know there are at least 600 gullible folks out there who would have gone for in a month. So, by my calculations, the 600 bottles should have been gone about 11 months ago.
2) About those bottles every month – if they are the standard 2 cups of oil, I’d be bathing in the stuff by now. I can’t see me using 2 cups of olive oil in one month. In fact, I don’t see very many people, except maybe those of Greek or Italian heritage, using that much and how many of those families are there? Enough to keep him in business?
3) What about supply? Suppose only 200 of those first 600 subscribe and he gets only 200 more each month. After the first month he has to supply 800 bottles (if he keeps running the ads), then the third month its going to be 1,000 bottles. He’s going to be sending this freshly pressed olive oil ALL YEAR LONG. If I’m not mistaken, oil trees bloom and set fruit once a year. Even in year-round temperate climates at most you’ll get only two crops in one year. AND he’s buying from only those small family-owned olive farms who used to sell only locally. Those small family-owned farms can only produce so much. So, where’s the rest of his supply?

Somehow I don’t believe he can honestly deliver what he promises? Do you?

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Daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, retired from gainful employment. We have 2 cats and 2 dogs. I love to travel (we cruise, go to Pagosa Springs and take one other trip every year) I like to digitally scrap book (all that traveling), make greeting cards (all occasion & Christmas), write fantasy fiction (got two, maybe three books in the works right now), and photography. I generally participate in most of Kam of Campfire Chic and Amy of Lemon and Raspberry's 30 Days of Lists challenges and also in Lain Ehman's LayOut a Day (LOAD) challenges.

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  1. Gary Bencivenga

    Dear Dragon Lady,

    Just came across your post about our Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club.

    I’m a partner in this business, and I can answer your questions.

    First, of course we don’t think you’re dumb, as your headline suggests. If we weren’t clear about what we do, that’s our fault.

    But I wish you had inquired with us before posting, or even had read all the information that our ads always provide. Then you would have the full picture and could have written a fair article.

    Anyway, of course you’re right, that there are lots more than 600 people who have taken us up on our free bottle offer.

    And you’re also right that olives are harvested only once a year.

    But there are many great olive oil producing countries around the world, and seasonal harvests differ on different continents and in the two hemispheres. As we explain in our ads, that’s the whole basis for our club — to bring fresh-pressed olive oil to olive oil lovers all year long from the best producers in different countries.

    So, four times a year (once every quarter) our olive oil hunting team goes to a different country and picks the best fresh-pressed olive oil from that country’s latest harvest. We visit Italy in October, Spain in January, Chile in April, and Australia in July, and each of these countries has a new harvest of delicious artisanal oils from which we choose the best.

    We always buy from the top, gold-medal-winning small-farm artisanal producers in that country.

    We also buy enough extra oil so we can give away up to 600 free samples every quarter to each of our advertising partners. And when those 600 are gone, we can offer no more free samples until the next quarter. These free samples are very expensive for us to give away. It costs us $26 to put each free full-size sample bottle on someone’s table, and we cover all shipping costs (all the way from Australia and these other far-flung countries) to bring it to someone’s table totally free.

    The only way we can make any money and stay in business is if people love this oil after they try it, which they do overwhelmingly. That’s because the taste of fresh-pressed olive oil direct from the harvest is incomparably delicious, making store-bought oils seem woefully stale by comparison.

    As for our ads, you’ll never see them running constantly, just four times a year to correspond to each of the four new harvests we visit around the world.

    Our club members receive three bottles per quarter, which equates to one bottle per month, in either a large or small size. If you don’t use that much, then our club isn’t for you.

    But most of our club members love it and renew at an unusually high rate (well over 80%). We are not a mass market company and if we keep growing as we are, we will have to cap our membership. But we are not there yet.

    Anyway, in the spirit of good will, I’d love to send you a free bottle of our best oil, just so you’ll try it and see for yourself. You don’t have to become a member or buy anything. It’s a good will offering from me to you.

    If you’ll give me your physical address, I’ll send it right along with our best wishes, so you can do your own taste test and judge for yourself.

    Gary Bencivenga
    for The Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club

    Gary, Thanks for the explaination. I still have a bit of skepticism that you’re able to continue to supply so many people but will give you the benefit of the doubt. Thanks for the offer but I don’t use olive oil all that much so it would get old sitting on my shelf. DragonsLady

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