New Mexico doesn’t have a well-known pie.  At least I’m not aware of it and I’ve lived here for more than 50 years. When I searched for New Mexico Pie I was reminded of a town called Pie Town.  It was named that for a bakery that was there built for making dried apple pies. Also in my search I found that one Albuquerque business, New Mexico Pie Company, makes a Caramel Apple Green Chile Pie which sounds positively weird to me.

On Thanksgiving, if I’m having it at my house, I’ll have at least one pecan pie.  My father’s family lived in Virginia and pecan pies were a favorite.  My mother, raised in Maryland, liked mince-meat pies.  My husband, from Illinois, likes pecan pies but also likes pumpkin pies.  My absolute favorite pie is lemon meringue but that’s just not a fall-winter pie (unless, I suppose, you live in Florida, the Texas coast, or Southern California where they grow a lot of citrus.) So that makes pecan my favorite for the winter months.  I don’t have a specific recipe that I always use so the Karo syrup may be light or dark depending on where I found the recipe to use that year and the sugar will vary between white and brown.

If you talk about fruit pies, cherry is my favorite. But I have a problem with cherries or anything cherry flavored – it can trigger binge eating. So I seldom have cherry pie – maybe a piece at a restaurant when I won’t be able to grab a lot of extra food afterwards.  Apple is a nice fruit pie. But you have to have some really sharp cheddar cheese to go with it. And it’s preferable if the apple pie is warm.

Now, it’s almost 8 am and I WANT PIE!


About frncnseal585

Daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, retired from gainful employment. We have 2 cats and 2 dogs. I love to travel (we cruise, go to Pagosa Springs and take one other trip every year) I like to digitally scrap book (all that traveling), make greeting cards (all occasion & Christmas), write fantasy fiction (got two, maybe three books in the works right now), and photography. I generally participate in most of Kam of Campfire Chic and Amy of Lemon and Raspberry's 30 Days of Lists challenges and also in Lain Ehman's LayOut a Day (LOAD) challenges.

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