Organization Challenge Week 5 (finished)

Last week (Week 5) I organized 3 drawers, four if you count the one I didn’t realize was there AND the file folder drawer in the rolling Iris® cart. I finished the third drawer and then realized there was another drawer under that THEN the file folder drawer.  These are photos of the first drawer done on 04-30 from start through pictures out to pictures sorted and what went back into the cart.





Then on 5-1 I worked on the unexpected extra drawer and put all the manila envelopes in the hanging file folders. (I took all the “books” of Paper Pizazz and put them with the stash of 8 1/2 x 11 scrapbook papers that are in another Iris® cart.  Haven’t decided what I’m going to do with that size of papers.)




On 5-02 I grabbed a drawer out of a “chest of drawers made out of photo-safe treated cardboard and divided it up.






I also finished all the Mother’s Day cards I needed to make.

Now it’s time to start on Week 6. This is the actual week when you’re supposed to start working on your photos and negatives.  I’m not worrying about negatives. I have two more drawers in that chest.  The first one has a mishmash of photo sizes and subjects including my father’s baby book.  I won’t take anything out of that book but will use it when I work on that side of the family’s heritage photos. The second one (actually the third one because I worked on the first one last week) has dividers in it so that should be a quick transfer into my big plastic storage box.  There is a fourth drawer which has lots of ship’s photographer pictures from various cruises and other pictures.  Hopefully I can get through those three drawers this week.

And on the “card adjenda” I have three birthdays (my father, a granddaughter and a grandson) and three Father’s Day cards (2 for my husband one of which is from the fur-babies) and one for my father before the last birthday in June. In July is my son’s birthday but I may have one already made for him – just have to check.

About frncnseal585

Daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, retired from gainful employment. We have 2 cats and 2 dogs. I love to travel (we cruise, go to Pagosa Springs and take one other trip every year) I like to digitally scrap book (all that traveling), make greeting cards (all occasion & Christmas), write fantasy fiction (got two, maybe three books in the works right now), and photography. I generally participate in most of Kam of Campfire Chic and Amy of Lemon and Raspberry's 30 Days of Lists challenges and also in Lain Ehman's LayOut a Day (LOAD) challenges.

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