List 17


Prompt if my pet(s) ruled the world

  1. “That OTHER cat wouldn’t be around!” says the Black cat. (He’s 17 and really doesn’t like the other cat. Don’t know exactly what it is about her but he really, REALLY doesn’t like her.
  2. “That OTHER cat wouldn’t be around!” says the Black and White cat. (She’s 16 and has the softest fur I’ve felt. She doesn’t like him because he always chases her and she can’t run that much faster than him – so her rear-end is sore from the constant swipes he gets on her.)
  3. “Everyone would give me treats and let me jump on them.” says Peaches (dog.) Peaches is a mixed breed that came out of a golden retriever – her daddy was a traveling man and didn’t stick around long enough to see his pups. She’s short-haired (but sheds A LOT) reddish-gold in color and looks a little like a coyote or maybe there’s some Basinji in the mix but she can really run.  She also likes to sing along with me.  We have a howling good time then. (I don’t let her jump on me.”)
  4. “I’d get to chase my blue ball everyday and never have to get clipped,” says Daisy (poodle.)  Daisy is a pure-bred standard poodle. She’s solid black and is at the smaller range for a standard. She needs clipping about every 6 weeks or so in the summer and might be able to go 2 months in the winter.  We got her when she was almost 7 and she’s 10 now.  She does enjoying running after her blue ball and bringing it back to you – unless she’s getting tired then she’ll get the ball but not bring it back.  She knows if she does, someone will throw it for her and that’s her way of stopping the game. Poodles are quite smart.

About frncnseal585

Daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, retired from gainful employment. We have 2 cats and 2 dogs. I love to travel (we cruise, go to Pagosa Springs and take one other trip every year) I like to digitally scrap book (all that traveling), make greeting cards (all occasion & Christmas), write fantasy fiction (got two, maybe three books in the works right now), and photography. I generally participate in most of Kam of Campfire Chic and Amy of Lemon and Raspberry's 30 Days of Lists challenges and also in Lain Ehman's LayOut a Day (LOAD) challenges.

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