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Taming the Dragon

The name of my blog is Dragon Droppings with a tag of “Meanderings of DragonsLady.

A lot of thought went into the title and tag-line.  My first book was about a middle-aged woman who found herself between a rock (a mis-guided wizard) and a hard-place (the six ruling dragons of Heartshorn (Clans of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Dark, and Light).)  It all goes back to the beginning when the Earth was formed and man was given dominion over all. Most stories leave it at that, but truth is, The Lady and her consort knew that man was destructive and used up all resources. He was greedy and careless. So they created all the magical creatures including Dragons. They gave the dragons co-dominion over Earth because the Dragons, being magical could repair the damage man did to the Earth.

Now eons later, man was walking upright and becoming relatively civilized (NOT!)  In the time following Christ, Rome still ruled most of the known world. There was a Roman soldier named Lydda (possibly because that’s where he came from) who had a slave who could write. This soldier was a Christian. The Roman Governor of his garrison was a pagan who still worshiped the Roman gods and demanded that all the soldiers under him do so too. Well, our soldier, let’s now call him George, wasn’t about to drop being Christian just because the governor told him to. George was punished and eventually killed. Christ told George that his work wasn’t done, revitalizes him and sends him back to the Governor. George still refuses to deny his Christianity. George is tortured again and thrown in a dungeon to await his second execution. The Governor’s wife visits George in the dungeon. George tells her about Christ and ends up converting her. The Governor takes exception to this and kills George again. In all George is killed four times before Christ finally takes pity on him and lets him stay in Heaven.

Now George’s slave has been recording all that happened and in his writings he compared the Governor to the head of a dragon and all his followers to the body of the dragon. Dragons were not happy about that comparison and felt it cast them in a bad light. So a few dragons withdrew from Earth to a separate Earth plane they called Heartshorn. They couldn’t totally separate themselves from Earth because they still were co-caretakers.

The story of the Roman soldier and his tortures and ultimate rejoining with Christ is the basis of the story, George and the Dragon.  But it also is the beginning of my stories about Dragons (and other magical creatures) and men and their struggle to mend the break between them.

In 1191, King Richard puts George as the Saint for England’s army.  At that time the heart of the Lady (the goddess who, with her consort, created the Earth and all that’s on, in or above it) cracked. On April 23, 1222, the Church of England declares the day to be St. George’s Day.  Chap books were distributed romanticizing George’s sainthood. A beautiful damsel is added to the story and George is now one of many Knights. More dragons leave Earth and other Magical Folk also leave.

The final blow comes when King Edward III names George the Patron of England  – 1344-48.  Almost all dragons have left the Earth.  Only the most remote areas still have an active dragon presence. Vocanoes, oceans, and high mountains are where an occasional dragon might be sighted. The only exception is China but even those dragons are slipping away. The last unicorn was sighted in 1405. With the last dragon to leave Earth, the Lady’s Heart shatters, flinging its parts to different locations in either Heartshorn or Earthside.  The heart breaks into five pieces: the Blood Ruby, holder of the Lady’s will and strength, the Burning Sapphire, Holder of the Lady’s love, The Fertile Emerald, holder of the Lady’s fertility, the Weeping Diamond, holder of the Lady’s Inspiration, and the Dying Tanzanite, the keystone, holder of the Lady’s Spirit. All five pieces must be found and brought together to reunite the Earth and Dragons else all will die and be no more.

Back to that first book with the woman between a wizard and the dragons. The wizard has learned that originally dragons were co-caretakers of Earth.  He found (with the help of his familiar, a rather nasty toad) this Ruby that, by bathing (feeding) it in blood, can capture dragons. So the wizard starts capturing dragons on Heartshorn to later force them to come back to Earth and heal it. Of course the dragons are less than pleased with this. They are now looking for whoever is doing this. Enter the woman.  She’s Wiccan and she’s enamored with dragons. She’s invited to cast a circle for the Summer Solstice and in doing so manages to call the four cardinal dragons to dance at the circle. The dragons came, not so much because they were compelled, but because they suspect she’s the one capturing the dragons.

The rest of the book is how our woman, who actually works in the mundane world in the same company as the wizard, becomes the champion of the dragons (hence the title DragonsLady) and defeats the wizard which drains the Blood Ruby and releases the dragons. But…

So my Dragon Droppings are the thoughts, and sometimes, vignettes or short stories, or even parts of chapters of my books. I hope you will enjoy meandering with me through Earthside and Heartshorn.

Blogging 101- Introducing myself and why I’m here

I’m treating this as if I haven’t blogged before. I have but very little and not often.  I’d like to blog more than I do now. I’ve been following the WordPress (WP) Daily prompt for most of April and have 19 new posts since I started. My posts have run the gamut from digital scrapbooking to photography to my fiction writing to just musings or running fingers on the keyboard due to a prompt that peaked my interest. And I’ve found a few bloggers that I’m now following either because I like their style or because they’re not from “here” and are therefore different or because they are a little bit like me and we have something in common. I’m curious about other people, what they do, what they believe, how they live. And besides, I like to have people follow me – on-line, not in real life.  No stalking, please.

What will this blog have for the reader? I’m not sure myself.

– I may post pictures of places we go. Or I may just continue to have my Flickr feed on the side where the reader can see not just my pictures, but the digital scrapbook pages I create using them. If so, then you’ll also see any scrapbooking challenges I participate in and any of the 30 Days of Lists challenges I participate in.

– There may be posts about TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) an international weight-loss support organization (establ. 1948 by  Esther S. Manz) that I belong to and of which I am a Chapter Leader in New Mexico.

– I am a Type II diabetic so I may post about it. If I read a hint in a magazine that I try and it works for me, I may pass that hint along but with the caveat “try this at your own risk and talk to your physician because I’m not a doctor of any sort (not an O.D., O.D.C., PHD, MD, nor witch.)”

– I will post some of my fiction as well. I like to write (and read) fantasy and have created a world that is the setting for one unpublished book, another in the plotting stage, and a third documenting the decline and fall of a villain as he ages over a span of 150 years.

Why am I taking this class?  I don’t know.

It’s not like I have something I want to sell. I don’t make widgets to sell on EBay.

My books so far are unpublished. (Should I copyright my fiction? Is just saying it’s copyrighted enough? If not what is?) And if and when I do publish – it’s likely that will be through Amazon or Barnes-and-Nobel (or both plus more.)

I’m not an expert about anything. I know how to use Adobe Photo Shop to make my digital scrapbooks but there are many more who not only know more but do more with it. The same is true of Adobe Lightroom.

I think I’m a pretty good cook. My family didn’t die or get sick eating my food (although the first time I cooked pork chops in a microwave was an adventure in eating.) But I’m no Julia Child and I don’t cook with strange foods. I don’t cook  (or eat) real spicy food (which is strange because I was brought up and live in New Mexico where we have a state question (Red or Green?) referring to the type of chili to be put over your food.)

I also like cats and may discourse on them from time to time. But I’m not that “Crazy Cat Lady” (I only have fourteen on me right now … on my t-shirt, silly!)  We have two real-live feline fur-babies who ARE crazy.

I also have a standard bred poodle who, in some respects, is as crazy as the cats.

At times I have a wicked sense of humor, but it can’t always be depended upon. That particular muse is kind of skittish.

I will rant occasionally but usually it’s about an injustice committed by an “official” organization or body (organizational committees/boards etc.)

I’m not political – I’m an independent and vote either against the worst or for the least objectionable IN MY OPINION which may not be yours but you’re entitled to it even if I think you’re strange or have no sense. I won’t beat you up about it. I’ll be the first to agree to disagree.

And sometimes I’ll just ramble on about whatever floats by.

So, stop by and see if what I say interests you. If it does that’s great. If it doesn’t that’s great, too.

I appreciate comments although if you’re nasty about something I may “unapprove” your comment so you don’t annoy others. I’ll try to respond to your comments or at least acknowledge them. And if you link back to your blog, I’ll even take a look.