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Organizational Challenge – Week 3

Note:  If you double click on the photos, another page opens up with a much larger picture.

Now I’m somewhat depressed. Yesterday I started figuring out how I was going to do all this reorganization stuff and tried to determine where my card-stock and papers would all go. (That’s the assignment for week 4.)  Currently it resides, for the most part on a 5’1″” tall; 30″ wide; 11″ deep metal shelving unit with four shelves. The card-stock takes up one full shelf plus about half of a second one.  I was thinking of moving that shelf unit to the north wall where a set of bookcases is but the bookcases are 35″ wide and there isn’t room on the east wall where the shelf unit currently resides to put the bookcases (two doors get in the way).  Then I got to looking at what was in/on the bookcases AND in one rolling cart under the computer desk.

I think I need an intervention.

The very bottom shelf of the bookcase is about 12″ tall, just right for 8.5 x 11″ notebooks. The remaining three shelves are less tall, about 10″.  I have more empty scrapbook albums than I’ll ever get filled – especially since I work in digital now instead of glue-and-paper. TWO of the rolling carts are now filled with 12 x 12″ albums (and some 8.5 x 11″ ones.)  I have more that need to go somewhere. And then there’s the question of where will I put them?  There’s no room in the scrap room or its closet. Also, the back third to half of the bottom shelf of the bookcases is blocked by a rolling cart of scrapping supplies topped by 3 plastic boxes with more of the same.

I know why I have so many empty albums. When I first got started with scrapbooking I had plans to document all our trips.  We’d traveled with my parents and I wanted to make albums to remember them in as well as the times we went to Illinois to see my husband’s family. Each time I bought a new album, probably more stickers and die-cuts and more paper just for that trip. Since I started scrapbooking in 1993, the year we went to England with my parents, there’s a lot of photographs and memorabilia waiting to be scrapped in those albums. (Not to mention all the formal and informal pictures taken of us on our 12+ cruises! How about an album just for those pictures?  Sounds like an idea to me!)  And now that I’ve inherited all the pictures from both sides of my family plus my husband’s, there are heritage albums to put together.

Boxing up the large albums is a problem because book boxes (what we have the most of) are smaller than 12 x 12 in any of the three directions. And besides that, who wants to try to find a box of empty albums. I may have some room just right for the empty albums in the office closet which would make them accessible. In case you’re wondering, the filled albums that I do have are in the living room where we can look at them or drag them out when company comes. (Hey, it’s better than interminable slide shows or out-of-focus jumpy videos!)


    All-at-once-or-just-one-section-(1-of-3) All-at-once-or-just-one-section-(2-of-3)







Besides all the empty albums, I have enough 8.5 x 11 3-Ring BINDERS to give one to every student in the local high school! (Well maybe not THAT many, maybe just next year’s sophmores.) The majority of those are at least 2″ deep with a goodly amount that are 3″ or better. And that’s just in the scrap room – the “office” has 31 more, most of which are greater than 3″ deep. Most of the binders in the scrap room are full of stuff I’ve printed out and never looked at again!!!!  There are two or three that have card making instructions from Paper Wishes.  Those I do look at so I can make cards.  But once I’ve made a card I don’t get rid of the instructions even though I KNOW I won’t be making that card again. But I do write the date I finished the card on the instruction sheet. At least I’ll know which ones to get rid of when I go through the binders.  Which brings me to patterned paper.

Card-Stock-shelves-labled The turquoise writing/arrows/drawing shows where my speciality papers (Dazzles (a type of sticker), Glitter, Suede, Metallic, Velum) are (closest to the left edge) and my die-cuts and paper toil. I’m going to need to make another one for plastic “paper”. The pink is the patterned paper kits in their wrappers listed alphabetically so I can find them when I’m working on a specific instruction. The green is my card stock.

On the shelf immediately above the specialty paper is a ribbon storage system that just didn’t work plus several instructional DVDs. There’s also some large alphabet stamps by Close-to-My-Heart just under the green/yellow box. And there are some knick-knacks. (Thank goodness I stopped collecting dragons and other fantasy knick-knacks.)  Above that is a an X-box 360 that I was going to use to use with my Zumba DVD’s but I don’t have a decent DVD player to hook up to it.  Above that are some frames, brass bowls and padded envelopes for mailing cards.

Below the extra card stock (two containers of neutrals) has some Stamping-Up® stamps, refill bottles for Spectrum Noir® markers, 3 nesting woven plastic “boxes”, and my cutting dies.  To the right of the neutral card stock are envelopes (12×12) holding card stock scraps and one holding patterned paper scraps, then there is a box with Hot Off the Press® clear stamps and a three ring binder (white) with more of the HOtP stamps. All my Hunky Dory kits are in another rolling cart in the office closet.

I’m having to put myself on a Paper Wishes diet until I can use up some of my supplies. (But I’ll continue with my monthly Dazzles subscription. That way I’ll still get a little fix each month.)

I have been moving one box (~13 x 13 x 3″) full of all the supplies I need to make the cards I liked from the 2014 [Paper Wishes] Week of Webisodes last August. There are a lot of patterned paper kits plus die-cuts and paper toile (3-D stack-ups) plus the ribbons needed for most of the cards. There also may be some additional specialty papers like acetate as well. They all need to be with card stock.  Now I might be able to use a few of the 8.5 x 11 notebooks and page protectors to hold some of the die cuts and paper toile sheets. That way they won’t get damaged. Maybe, but I’m not too sure. Alphabetical in the large paper holders seems to work right now, but I will admit the sides are beginning to bulge.

All this just to get started on the card-stock issue.

Where do I go from here?  Well, I can’t say “crazy” because I suspect I’m already there. But, by looking at these pictures and thinking “out-loud on paper”, it appears that the metal shelf is the proper place for my paper “stuff”.  I’ll bring in my card blanks and envelopes to this area, too.  I’ll move the X-box – maybe give it to my husband to play with. I’ll pull off all the ribbons I’ve tried to roll into the storage set and donate the set and all the reels and winder to our local re-sell house. (The ribbons will get put in the plastic box where I’ve been slowly winding them, in their sets, around cardboard cards. That solution seems to be working for me.) The envelopes might be able to stay since they’re made of paper and used to send paper things through the mail. The instructional DVDs, if I keep them, may end up on the desk with the laptop. Stamps will be removed, they need to be all together and right now I have at least 3 different places where I store them – this shelf unit, on top of one bookcase and in the closet (which is behind the door on the left of this shelf unit). Plus all the stamp pads are on another shelf unit and I have no idea how many have dried up from lack of use.

So, stay tuned to see how I cope with paper this week. (And I’m now a week ahead.)  I think I need to print out these blog posts and put them in a binder to help me remember what I went through to get it all done; assuming I succeed.

Free Write

So, mind dump.  What’s on my mind?  Lots.  Got to get the Aurora connected and up and running. Also need to pre work the 30 Days of Lists and get them programmed to be posted when I’ll be sort of off-line getting everything reloaded (all my Adobe products that I have in the Cloud will have to be reloaded on the new computer.)  Before I start that I need to find out about getting a few programs on it that I don’t want to pay for again but do want to have, like my Internet Download Manager. Scrivener would be nice as well. Most of the other stuff, well maybe reload my Wild Tangent Games since I pay for that monthly but that shouldn’t be too difficult. First thing to get going once it’s up is my password manager. Then things should move relatively smoothly.

Also on my mind is getting thread (basic white, black, red, navy) so I can hem up two pairs of pants and maybe make the cover for the machine in the pretty apple cloth that I got from Mother.  Not going to be able to make anything for me to wear – need to relearn how to alter patterns  so things will fit. But maybe some of the patterns I have from a designer I’ve bought will fit me good and I can go from there.

Also – getting ready to go on our trip.  I’m thinking I will get all the cat food packaged and stored away several days before we leave so that they don’t get too suspicious.  Now if I could only pack without them finding out, but that’s not possible.  We’ll have to pack the day before.  I want that Thursday to be very quiet and calm – like nothing is going to happen.  We don’t have to leave until after lunch.  If we have everything in the garage on Wednesday, then they will have no clue.  Sheesh!  The things we have to do to placate our animals (especially the cats!)

Should I clear out all the pictures on my camera?  I don’t know how many more I’ve got on this card, either. I have several new cards to take with me so I guess it’s not that much of an issue really.  Once we get back I’ll have a whole new list of things I want to do.  There’s finish the cruise albums from the last two or three cruises, finish the Pagosa Springs pages for the last three summers, learn how to use the TOPAZ Labs presets. Get my digital scrap supplies purged, and into a LR Catalog (but I want to go through what I have and get rid of the stuff that doesn’t sing to me. ) I also have to pre-label, i.e. put the identifiers at the beginning of each item so I can easily create the collections they’ll need to go into.  Eventually I’ll want to keyword by color, type (like brads, flairs, ribbons, etc) [they will already be classified as elements, papers, alphas, overlays, and word art in collections], and themes (Holidays, Seasons, Nature, Travel, etc) and the appropriate sub-categories in the themes like Christmas, Halloween, Valentines, Spring, Fall, Winter, Summer, Plants, Animals, Fish, Birds, Reptiles, US, Cruises, Europe.

Then there’s the books. I need to revise Ruby, actually write out the Plot for Emerald and get the book written, dream about Sapphire, Diamond and Tanzanite and write down the ideas I have to for them.

Don’t forget all the Great Classes I have and all the tutorials for Photoshop, Lightroom, Premier Pro.  There’s lots for me to do and, hopefully, still lots of time to get it all done.

Oh yes, got to make all the cards that I bought supplies for.

I could fill a day easily – an hour for card making, two hours for writing, three if you count the blog, 2-3 for reading emails (think I should cut back on some of my subscriptions?), an hour for sewing – not too bad if I do it every day – might need a little bit longer for pinning and laying/cutting out the patterns, an hour for classes or tutorials (different class or tutorial each day? switch between one class and one tutorial until I finish then start on another?)

Decisions, decisions. Where to start?