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I have a blog?

It’s now past the middle of April, 2016 and I haven’t added much to my blog.  What can I say – stuff happens.

It appears that my theme might not be WP any more. Correction it is.  The composition screen is different in any case.

Now I’m getting the urge to write but it might not be the best use of my time right now.  I have a convention to go to in less than a month and I need to update a scrapbook before then to take with me. My craft room is a total disaster and I have nowhere in that room to do any scrapping which means I really should get in there before I go to TOPS this morning so I can truthfully say I’m working on it.

Since the first of January I have completed 30 Days of Lists in March. I got the taxes done before we left on our cruise on April 9.  We’re not getting any refunds; we had to pay. And we went on a cruise with Bobby Box, our favorite “Disk Jockey” on the radio station 98.5 Big Oldies. There were 35 of us and we stopped at two places we’d never been to, Rohatan Honduras and Belize plus one place we’ve been to twice before, Cozumel. There were some hiccups along the way but in general everything went fine.  Our largest piece of luggage should arrive by Friday. Luckily the dirty clothes were in my large suitcase and I’ve washed them and put them away. But my make-up is in the large suitcase; but I seldom wear make-up so that’s not an issue other than I don’t have it.  I think my real gem jewelry is in that bag as well.

So, far warning, I may not post again for a while.  I’ve still got three trips to take before Christmas and have to do things to prepare for them.

Sometimes being retired can be rather stressful.

Where did spring go?

I woke up, at four as usual, and looked out the window and saw white on the ground.  Then I went back to bed.  At 4:30 I got up again. The white stuff was still there. Finally around 7:30 I grabbed the camera and took some pictures.


This is through the window of my scrap-room looking at the side yard.


This is through the window of the “office” looking at the back yard.


This one I had to go outside. That’s our prickly pear cactus patch.


This shows that at 7:30 it’s already starting to melt. (The streets are just wet.)

It’s almost a month into SPRING.  Where did it go?


While talking to my daughter on the phone and folding socks – not an easy thing to do one handed, I thought I’d come up with one sock and no mate. I said, “Now why am I missing a sock?”

My daughter answered, “Because now you have an extra plastic lid”

I said, “What???”

She said she’d seen on Facebook one day that every time you lose a sock, you get another plastic lid. Furthermore, if you KNOW you have a particular lid but can’t find it, watch out, because now you’ll find an extra sock.

That explains a lot.

First Snow of the Season

At 5 this morning the temperature was 32°.  When I put my dog out, I noticed a little snow but it was too dark to try to get a picture. At 7, I went out and took several pictures around our house of the snow.


Granted, it’s not much, but it is our first.  I only hope it’s not the last one we get this season. Now it’s 9:20 am and the temperature is 24°.

Reaction to “Why I don’t want to hire Women”

I read a blog post by a woman who is an entrepreneur. It seems like she really doesn’t like hiring women and has all sorts of problems with them.

I can understand that. I have worked for both men and women and until I worked for “Shelly”, I didn’t like having a female boss. The first boss I had (female), fired me so her daughter could work in my position proving that nepotism isn’t just for men. That was in a field known for female bosses and employees (nursing and administrative support – I was in the latter category.)

Then I had to work for “Rebecca”. Again I was in an administrative support position but this time I was physically removed from being within Rebecca’s sight.  I did my job, did it well and even went further and ended up moving out from under her and into “Shelly'”s realm.

While working for Shelly I found myself working side-by-side with Rebecca.  She had moved on a bit and now had several men working under her. They didn’t like her. She seemed to feel she had to prove herself to them by being overbearing and insisting they do just what she said and exactly how she wanted it done. No free-thinkers or innovative people on her staff.  At least that’s how it appeared to me. I was extremely glad that I’d been lucky enough to be removed from her when I’d worked for her.

Now Shelly was something different. She was manager who was respected not only by her male employees as well as female (although the majority of her employees were male) but also by other managers. She treated me as if I was intelligent (I am) and trusted me to get my work done. She appreciated and encouraged my ability to teach (I have no formal teaching training but I can show people how to work with computers – more so when I know the software being used.) She had her own misconceptions about me (once, when I needed to take a company vehicle to see one of the team the only vehicle available was a truck, she was surprised that I knew how to drive a stick shift.)

Eventually I went to work for two different men (not at the same time), both of whom I got along with. I could go to either one at any time and be heard and my thoughts given a reasonable hearing. My ideas may not have been implemented but at least I was given the opportunity to express myself. In that position I ended up actually teaching a variety of people from administrative and craft workers to engineers, scientists and managers.

During the last stint of my employment I learned something about some men. Our group was tasked with bringing up a new version of the software the company was using for facility management. The two middle “managers” both, at different times, told our boss that it could be done, no sweat. Now, I’d been through two previous upgrades of the software and we were supposed to be implementing more modules as well as upgrading. We were not being given any additional staff nor were any of our on-going duties to be given to anyone else. I told my boss that given those requirements and constraints, it couldn’t be done in the time period given. Unfortunately I was proven right. I learned later, a year after I retired, they still hadn’t completed the implementation.

About that time I retired, I came across a joke about engineers that I saw manifested in my work place.  Two engineers, a man and a woman, were given a task to independently come up with a plan to put something into operation within a 3 month window. They were given a week to come up with the plan. The male engineer walked into the boss’s office within a day of the assignment and told the boss “Yes, we can get it done, no problem” and showed the boss a crude diagram of what he thought had to be done.  The female engineer worked for three days researching and another day to devise and document her plan. On the fifth day she went in to see her boss and presented her work. She told him that three months would not be adequate due to certain constraints and supply issues.  The boss took the man’s plan and had the work started. Two weeks shy of completion the man came back to the boss and told him that they wouldn’t be finished in time. Why? Certain constraints hadn’t been accounted for and supplies didn’t show up when needed because they weren’t ordered with enough lead time. That plan had to be scrapped and the woman’s plan implemented which was completed on her original timetable.  The moral of the story was that men will say yes and then ask for more time where as women plan ahead and get the job done. Obviously the joke isn’t true for all engineers of either sex and it isn’t true for all men and women.

I have found though, that, in general, I prefer to work for male managers and prefer to have more male co-workers than female.

“The world today doesn’t make sense so why should I paint pictures that do?” Pablo Picasso


Guernica 1937 – Pablo Piccaso

I really never got into Picasso’s paintings especially when he was in his Cubist phase.  I was uncomfortable with his pictures.

Too many angles, too many sharp points.

Probably too much like the news.

Still too much like the news.


“Climate Change Coming Sooner than Expected!”

“War! (yet somewhere else)”


“Political Dirty Tricks and Sleazy Accusations!”

And what does it say about all of us that we live for that kind of news?  The people in Africa who are suffering from Ebola and/or starving to death don’t want to hear about our problems.  They have their own.

We have our own as well – our leaders contemplating taking away programs that will help us in our “golden” years (i.e. Medicare and Social Security)  Shouldn’t we be doing something about that?

The seas are rising – Shouldn’t we be finding a way to get people out of the flood zones without demanding an arm and a leg from them? Or do we let them drown, or worse survive the flood only to die of some horrid disease that wouldn’t have been caused if they hadn’t had to live in the resulting squalor of the aftermath?

Why are we so blind to the poverty and pain all around us?

Why do some of us refuse to help our own family members?  Did they REALLY deserve what’s happened to them?  Or is that just an excuse to not have to face the issue?

Unfortunately, I’m just as guilty as everyone else. I don’t like to see/hear/feel/live all the nasty stuff going on.

30 Days of Lists – Day 29

Accomplishments I’m most proud of.


My parents were both highly educated employees of a National Laboratory, both completing higher level degrees while they worked – Mother ended up with a Masters in Chemistry and my father has a PhD in physics. I, too, wanted to work directly for the Lab but I didn’t want to try to compete, especially with my mother. So I wanted to work directly for the Lab without a college education. And I did it. Even better, I was very good with a particular software program and ended up teaching a variety of employees how to use this program – it was a Work Management program for maintaining Laboratory facilities. When I left, I had taught craft workers, time keepers, administrative personnel, engineers, scientists and mid-upper level managers. I designed the classes to be relevant to our work environment and am proud to say that I was able to come up with examples that the different employees could relate to.   That is what I consider my best working accomplishment.

Next on my list is quitting smoking after 26 years. I was up to 3 packs a day when I quit and had a bit of an unnerving time of it. Because I was such a heavy smoker, I used the largest (heaviest dose of nicotine) patch – but I forgot one important thing – even though I smoked 60 cigarettes a day, I DIDN’T smoke in my sleep (nor did I get up in the night to smoke.) So I wore that patch 24/7 for the first week and managed, I believe, to give myself nicotine poisoning. I was out of work for six weeks getting over  ataxia (total spacial disorientation.) Now I am 21 years smoke free.

Quitting smoking had an unfortunate side effect – I gained weight, close to 60 pounds in 6 months.  My highest weight was 232 pounds, I’m now down to around 190. (I still have 40-50 pounds to go.) One of the nicest side-effects of losing weight is when I got down to 210, the sleep apnea went away.It’s unfortunate that the weight went on so fast but comes off so slowly. I’m very grateful for my TOPS group for their support and encouragement on this weight-loss journey. Slowly but surely I’m getting there.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Emma Watson: U.N. Women Goodwill Ambassador

Emma Watson – on feminism

This popped up in my bloglovin email this morning.   It is an interesting video.  And I agree with all that she said. Feminisim is not just a women’s issue; it’s an issue for men as well. Our sexes are incomplete without the other – and I don’t mean this in a sexual manner. Together we can become human in much the same way the male and female dogs, or cats, or horses, together, are the whole of their species. Until men and women accord each other the same, equal respect, we are not the whole of our specie.

30 Days of Lists Day 25

Only 3 months until Christmas!

Today’s prompt: What is balance to you?

I like to think that I lead a fairly balanced life, not too much drama OR boredom.  I know my diet seems a little out of balance at this time so I’m working on it a bit more consciously. Also working on the creativity a little more (I actually answered a request to do a guest post yesterday. You can find it here.)  Usually don’t have too much of a problem walking – unless there’s a big, black poodle I try to step over who decides to stand up just as I’m getting the second foot over.  Now I usually tell her to move and she gives me one of those long suffering “If I gotta” looks as she lumbers to her feet, moves maybe five feet and stops. I have to keep telling her to get out of my way.  I really don’t want to fall over her again. That hurt both of us.


30 Days of Lists – Day 23

Don’t tell anybody, but…


I was really stoked when Photoshop CC put up a pink guide when I was moving the different writing layers. It really helped to make the writing look neat and orderly. I don’t like messy.