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Organization Challenge Week 6 & 7

I worked on May 7th, then again on the 11th, then the 13th and the 15th , each day pulling more and more photos out of hiding.  Then I reached the limit of my first plastic photo box and started a new one, a blue one.

May-7-1-of-3May 7   This is what the drawer looked like when I pulled it out.  There weren’t all that many loose photos; the book is my father’s baby book.

May-7-3-of-3May 7 – the plastic storage box getting fuller.

May-7-2-of-3May 7 – what got put back. I think those contact sheets got put in the front of the blue box seen further down.

May-11-1-of-3On May 11 I worked on another drawer. This one was divided so sorting wasn’t as haphazard.

May-11-2-of-3May 11 the plastic box is even more full.

May11-3-of-3May 11 – The empty drawer.  I still have stuff in three of the four drawers; don’t know if I’ll keep the “chest” or not. The stuff in it is memorabilia or  large photos.

May-13-3-of-3This is a divided box that had two areas filled with pictures in plastic bags of our trip to England and France with my parents in 1993.

May-13-1-of-3The plastic photo box is now officially full.

May-13-2-of-3Don’t know what I’m going to do with this box. It’s photo safe but I’m storing my photos elsewhere now.

May15-3-of-5This is where the last box had been stored – it’s sitting on the left and looks like a suitcase. The other two boxes have photos in them I have to sort through as well.

May-15-4-of-5This is where I’m thinking of putting the white and the blue photo storage but I might put them out in the room somewhere.

May-15-5-of-5This is my next area in the room to clean out. The basket is cards my husband and/or I have received during our 34 years of marriage.  My next step is to start organizing my embellishments but also still work on pictures.

May-17Today May 17.  I’ve also been trying to work on my Father’s Day cards. I’m having difficulty on selecting a design. I’ve pulled out some things (like a Happy Father’s Day stamp) and looked in my collection of card instructions so now my table is a mess, again.

May 2 – Blog every day in May

Obviously, since today is the 2nd of May, I haven’t succeeded even one day so far.

But – I’ve managed to take a walk with my husband more days than is usual this week and have at least three days of over 5,000 steps each.

Instead of getting just 2 drawers of pictures organized, I’ve done 3 plus put memorabilia into the drawer with hanging folders.  I need more folders because of the number of manila envelopes I’ve already got in them.  And, I thought I only had 3 drawers in the Iris rolling cart but there are four, one of which is the one with the hanging folders.

I’ve also made a number of Mother’s Day cards. I’ll have pictures of my organizing tomorrow or Monday.

Catching up with cards, writing update

Card making: Yesterday I made several cards and now have 13 made for the year (I’m ahead by 2.) I’ve finished with the Pretty Pearls set and will start another set today or tomorrow depending on how busy things get for me. I’ll probably the work on the Radiant Roses set next, then one of the Christmas sets. All the sets I’m working with right now are by Hunky Dory, a company in England.  Unfortunately some of the work is intricate enough that I find myself hunched up with my shoulders darn near touching my ears.  My massage therapist will not be happy if I keep that up.  Wonder if I can find a way to hang some heavy weights off my shoulders to hold them down.   Probably not.

Writing: It’s 11 days into January and I’ve been writing at least an hour a day on fleshing out the outline/characters/settings needed. Along the way I’m discovering more about Heartshorn and the path Brede travels.

It’s getting somewhat tricky determining how far Brede travels and what the date should be. Since I’m not a hiker I have no feel for how long it should take traveling on foot with a burro. Some people can walk 10-20 miles a day but I suspect that’s mostly at sea level and during good weather.  Brede is traveling, at first, slightly upstream from her 5,000 foot elevation homestead. She’ll be climbing quite a bit after a while and won’t be going in a more-or-less straight line. So while she may cover 10-20 miles, a lot of it will be going around hills, up and down, in wilderness. Luckily for her, there is a trail she can follow all the way, that is assuming a void intrusion doesn’t cut the path forcing her to go around.

I also do more research off and on during the day. I’ve got some sources that are helping me with the settings right now.  I still need to research the various magical items that Brede will need/use along the way.

Writing Update, card-making

I’ll start with card-making.  I’m behind but – yesterday I pre-prepared, i.e. punched out the parts, for seven cards.  Will work on most of them today – after we do the grocery shopping.

Writing:  Worked over an hour. Got one setting sketched out and discovered I need several more scenes which deal with Brede’s son and what he’s doing while she’s away.  Also realized I need to describe more of her homestead, BriteRock, than I’ve done so far.  Found a layout for a cottage that will work nicely. Got a picture and drawing (not a full architectural drawing, mind you, more of a sketch.)  There are so many details that need to be considered when writing the kind of story I’m writing now.

If you haven’t been following my blog very long, this post explains Heartshorn and how it came to be.

Writing Update, cardmaking

Spent my hour working on places/settings. I need to do some research to “flesh out” the stories.  Today I will go through at least 4 books to determine what she grew in her garden before it was destroyed, what she will take with her in the form of plant products and what she will look for, besides the Dentia plant, on her travels.  I will also expand the database I created for Heartshorn. This information will be useful in the other books besides this one.

On the 3rd I made another Christmas card.


Front of card

Front of card

Inside of card

Inside of card



Yesterday, the 4th, I made a birthday card.

Front of card

Front of card

      Inside of card

Inside of card

Card Making

One of my other ‘intentions’ for the year is to finish up all the card kits I have. I’m committed to not buying any more kits, other than my subscription to Dazzles, until I’ve done so.  I’m hoping to make one card a day.

These two cards are from the Hunky Dory Christmas Cuties kit.  The blue card, which is a step card and has no “inside” was made on January 1; the Reindeer Gifts (front and inside shown) on January 2. I will make one more card from this kit, then I’m done with the kit even though I have supplies left over.  I’m going to have to figure out how to take pictures of the cards.


Reindeer-Present-front-web      Reinder-Present-Inside-Web

Happy Birthday, Garnet

Today is my granddaughter’s, Garnet, birthday.  Hope it’s a good one.

This is the card, outside


and inside.


Love, Ama and Grandpops


A Birthday Card

I subscribe to a PaperWishes Personal Shopper for Dazzles (they’re a type of sticker.) Every month I get a package with four-six 12×12 papers and 3-4 sheets of Dazzles. In the April 2014 packet were, among others, the materials, except for the blank card, to make a birthday card called Party-Animal.

This is what it looked like.