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My Heritage

While I’m organizing my craft room, aka the scraproom, I’m also taking an on-line class called Scrapbook YOU.  The class is up to day 15 but I just completed day 3.  This will be the start of Heritage albums triggered by finding photos (week 5 in the Organization challenge) and getting them organized. I have not only the pictures I’ve taken but also the ones my mother took, the ones her father, and maybe mother as well too, photos from my father’s side of the family, and my husband’s family photos. I’m beginning to wonder if 31 weeks is enough.

This is the first layout I did.  It’s about my birth.  My father has two middle names Neville and Peed and Lawrence is his surname.  The bracelet is the one that was put on my wrist while in the hospital.




This layout is about my mother (Day 2 in the Scrapbook You class.) There’s a lot going on in this layout. If you click on the picture it will enlarge so you can read the journaling. Mother passed away in 2011.




This layout is about my father (Day 3.) He is still doing well, living at home and playing golf on nice weekends.