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Writing Update

Only 600+ words today.  Didn’t write yesterday – had an early morning appointment to get blood work done for my physical next week.   The scene I worked on today was an extra unplanned one about what Brede is taking with her on her journey.  She’ll be going up in the mountains in late winter/early spring and will have to bring stuff with her or live off the land.  I was just working on the medical supplies she’d need.  Also the harpy dust to use as a goblin deterrent.

Writing Update and Snow

Only 782 words this morning.  Spent time trying to find the one book on Ravens that gave me the various sounds the ravens make (Mind of the Raven by Bernd Heinrich) which I read several years ago. Now I’ll have to speed scan it to find more information so I can put them in the story and bring Jess to life.  Also trying to find recipes for specific herbal “medicines”.  I know I had them at one time when I concocted the recipe for Colin’s elixir but don’t know which book(s) I got them from. Things like a “tonic” and a “free breathing tea”.  I really need to annotate my notes with the books where I found things to use in my writing. Another “problem” is figuring out how to package these things. Brede lives in a somewhat primitive area. Although magic can help with somethings (like using pottery or ceramics for containers and even piping) I can’t make use of iron objects for the most part which means that for most folks cauldrons will have to be made of copper or brass. My villain will have cast iron which will make elves uncomfortable or weak if they get too close.  (Traditionally elves and iron don’t mix.)

Changing the subject. – It snowed most of yesterday and a lot more during the night.  Our schools are delayed by 2 hours and locals and carpoolers should arrive between 10 and 10:30 and the rest by 10:45 at the Lab*.  They hope to have most of the parking lots and roads cleared by then as well as the walkways around the administrative buildings.  Glad I don’t have to get out in it any more.

Looks like we got between 4 and 6 inches. It’s really weighing down the branches  on the cedar in the back yard.  When I let Daisy, our standard bred Poodle, out this morning she came in with snow clumped in her feet and wet from the still falling snow.   The storm is supposed to move out by 5 this afternoon and be sunny tomorrow but with highs in the 30’s so there won’t be much melting going on today or tomorrow.

* Los Alamos National Laboratory



Writing Update

Finished the scene I started yesterday and wrote two more – total word count for today 1107.  Almost finished with Chapter One, but I may need to add another scene in the chapter. That would mean two scenes tomorrow.

Writing Update

1034 words, one scene almost complete, one hour.

A lot of information has to be given in the beginning to give the reader some hint of what happened and why it matters.  I had to find where I had come up with the recipe for Colin’s elixir and now I have to find out what was in two of the mixtures (and hope I still have the books where I got the information the first time.)

Writing Update – Prelude

I spent my hour writing and completed the first chapter which is the prelude. But I haven’t got the word counter started, yet, so I can’t tell you how many words I wrote.

But I can give you a taste of the Prelude: (Please note this is all copyrighted to Francine M. Seal, 2015)

She trotted through the forest under the full moon of Imbolc. They’d been following her since dusk. There were five of them. She was getting tired. Ahead she saw a thinning in the trees. Then she smelled the honey and cinnamon of Dentia plants and knew she was near the witch’s homestead. She couldn’t lead them there. She didn’t notice the dragon in the underbrush. Reluctantly she turned west towards the Whiteshadow forest. There she would find safety but the elves wouldn’t appreciate her leading the goblins to the Council home. A sudden whiff of rotting meat and the burn of her flesh being torn, she screamed and ran faster. Miraculously she was able to get away. But she’d been scratched by a goblin. She had to hurry to Whiteshadow. Only the elves could save the unicorn now.



Writing Update

Spent close to 2 hours finalizing the character sketches and the setting descriptions. It’s been easy for me to ignore the timer and continue when I was delineating the stats on the locations and characters.  Suspect will be the same when I start writing.

I will spend part of today figuring out how to use the Scrivener’s editor with it’s features activated (at least the timer and word counter as well as the editor functions in general. ) That probably means I’ll be writing at least one scene in the prologue.

Eventually I’ll get Ruby  and The Making of Talon put in Scrivener so I can revise Ruby and finish Talon.  That ought to be enough to keep me busy for 2015.

Writing Update

I’ve actually been spending more than an hour each morning on my novel.  I am now to the point where I’m checking to see if I’ve got all the character Sketches for all the characters involved (need three more) and all the places sketched out as well (need to get a written “sketch” of Brede’s home and a bit more on the layout of BrightRock [can’t decide yet on whether to spell it BriteRock or BrightRock.  Was leaning to BriteRock but now like BrightRock better.])

I’m also reading the manual for Scrivener, the software I’m using. I can write my draft from within the outline and then compile it in the program as well. I’ll have to decide on the format for the compile at some point but mainly I need to find out where I actually write my scenes. I don’t want Scrivener to title each one as Scene # but I do want my chapters identified by number (or maybe a chapter title – haven’t quite decided on that.)  Then I want to print all my character sketches and all my setting descriptions to use while writing. I could use the split screen feature but I don’t know if I’d get too confused using it.

By Monday I should be actually writing the draft of my novel, one hour a day.  I’d say I’ve made pretty good progress so far in 17 days. If I can write as much as I did with Ruby, (a chapter in 5-8 hours every Sunday and finished the draft in 20 weeks) I could be looking at the first draft being done by mid June. Once I’m ready to start writing, I’ll turn on the word count and timer within Scrivener to give accurate numbers.

Writing Update – warning, somewhat gruesome

Worked on one setting which lead to learning about goblins.  The setting is the goblin home for this particular Hoard.  While writing this I learned that Wolverines will actively hunt, even team up, and eat goblins. That could explain the nasty disposition of wolverines. <grin>

This is the description I worked up:

Medium sized cave from the outside leads to a larger cave inside. Poorly  lit but the goblins can see quite well. A horrid stench of rotten meat, feces and skunk cabbage wafts up through smaller vent holes leading from the dining area and then out the cave entrance driving most creatures away. The holes are too small for goblins to use for traveling deeper into the cavern (due to the size of their heads but also the males large pot-bellies and the females overly large boobs and asses.)

On the left, going deeper in the cavern is a smaller room with a large gold throne where the goblin ruler, always called Boss, spends most of his time except when he’s spying on his gangs. Anyone coming into the main area has to pass through the throne room.  From that room are two sturdy doors (both usually left open), one that leads to Boss’s private quarters (and a dozen smaller caves where his wives and children live) and the other to the dining cave which has five long tables with benches on both sides. There are two corridors off that to the caves for the rest of the goblins (a few for single families, the rest dormitories) and the dungeon area.

Wolverines feed mainly on injured or drunk goblins caught outside the cavern. But they will also slip down into one of the vent holes to the dining room and from there search out their prey. Wolverines will even sometimes work together to bring down goblins and feast. The wolverines eat only the fleshiest part of the goblin body. They leave the rest of the body where it falls. When Wolverines kill in the cavern, other goblins usually eat the remains after the wolverines have left.

Writing Update

January 15 – two more settings described.  Starting to learn more about the plants and birds in the area Brede and party will travel. Little hints to bring the reader really into the scenes.

Discovered a synopsis I’d written a couple of years ago – it looks like good material – may help me make this story even better.

When looking through the files where I found the synopsis, I realized I have the Shatterstone Tower Keep product from DrivethruRPG.  Now, every time I go to DrivethruRPG and try to order, I have to clear out my cache and that loses all my “cookies” for everything else (like this blog!) But if I don’t clear my cache, when I try to put something in my cart and then go to check out (even though I’m signed into the site) my cart is suddenly empty.  Too bad cause I’d really like to be able to get a few more things from DrivethruRPG.

I think I’ll try logging on to the site using Internet Explorer.  I don’t usually use that browser as it tends to be a favorite target of (human) gremlins but if it means I can get the resources I want, well…

I didn’t have these problems until I let (paid!!)  TLC to clean-up my 6 month old Alienware Auror4 computer. (Worst waste of over $550 I’ve ever spent!) Probably only needed to delete everything on my Yahoo account (especially the email that I don’t use anymore) and change the Yahoo password.

A word to the wise: If you have an old Yahoo account with Yahoo mail that you’re not using and you start getting some weird emails on Google gmail that have a dot followed by two letters at the beginning (like .sn), go to your Yahoo account, log-in and change your password. Then clear out your Yahoo mail inbox, spam box, and sent boxes. Warning: If you have a Flickr photo account, you don’t want to close your Yahoo account as you’ll lose all your pictures. The two (Flickr & Yahoo) are irrevocably tied together.

Writing Update

January 13: filled two more setting sketches

January 14: filled in one more setting sketch and revised Talon’s keep to actually be a keep instead of a hunters cabin.