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Writing Update

Spent close to 2 hours finalizing the character sketches and the setting descriptions. It’s been easy for me to ignore the timer and continue when I was delineating the stats on the locations and characters.  Suspect will be the same when I start writing.

I will spend part of today figuring out how to use the Scrivener’s editor with it’s features activated (at least the timer and word counter as well as the editor functions in general. ) That probably means I’ll be writing at least one scene in the prologue.

Eventually I’ll get Ruby  and The Making of Talon put in Scrivener so I can revise Ruby and finish Talon.  That ought to be enough to keep me busy for 2015.

Writing Update

January 13: filled two more setting sketches

January 14: filled in one more setting sketch and revised Talon’s keep to actually be a keep instead of a hunters cabin.