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Writing Update

January 15 – two more settings described.  Starting to learn more about the plants and birds in the area Brede and party will travel. Little hints to bring the reader really into the scenes.

Discovered a synopsis I’d written a couple of years ago – it looks like good material – may help me make this story even better.

When looking through the files where I found the synopsis, I realized I have the Shatterstone Tower Keep product from DrivethruRPG.  Now, every time I go to DrivethruRPG and try to order, I have to clear out my cache and that loses all my “cookies” for everything else (like this blog!) But if I don’t clear my cache, when I try to put something in my cart and then go to check out (even though I’m signed into the site) my cart is suddenly empty.  Too bad cause I’d really like to be able to get a few more things from DrivethruRPG.

I think I’ll try logging on to the site using Internet Explorer.  I don’t usually use that browser as it tends to be a favorite target of (human) gremlins but if it means I can get the resources I want, well…

I didn’t have these problems until I let (paid!!)  TLC to clean-up my 6 month old Alienware Auror4 computer. (Worst waste of over $550 I’ve ever spent!) Probably only needed to delete everything on my Yahoo account (especially the email that I don’t use anymore) and change the Yahoo password.

A word to the wise: If you have an old Yahoo account with Yahoo mail that you’re not using and you start getting some weird emails on Google gmail that have a dot followed by two letters at the beginning (like .sn), go to your Yahoo account, log-in and change your password. Then clear out your Yahoo mail inbox, spam box, and sent boxes. Warning: If you have a Flickr photo account, you don’t want to close your Yahoo account as you’ll lose all your pictures. The two (Flickr & Yahoo) are irrevocably tied together.

December 11

Prompt: Parts of My Life I wish I could outsource.


At first I didn’t think there was anything I’d like to outsource.  Then I guess I woke up.

  1. I love making greeting cards with scrapbooking supplies. I have LOTS of supplies. And I don’t know where most of my supplies are so they’re hard to find when I want to use them.  I am outsourcing the organization all my card making supplies to the Fairy Godmother Association. And please assign a little troll/elf/brownie to clean up after each of my creative sessions.
  2. In all honesty, the litter  pans aren’t all that bad and usually take only 5 minutes a day.  But I seem to have this aversion to taking care of it once a day.  I’ll look at them and the thought will pass through my mind (at the speed of light) and I’ll promptly not do anything about it. That I’ll outsource to the House Elf clans.  I promise I’ll give the House elf a shirt to wear.  Maybe he’ll stick around if I do that.
  3. I save recipes that I’d like to try.  I want another House Elf to go through my recipes and choose two to try each week and to put them on our menu and grocery list.  Then when it’s time for me to cook, I want the brownie to get the supplies and recipe out and have them out for me to use. At least we’d have more variety in our meals and might try some new things (last new thing to try was spaghetti squash – and we actually like it to use in place of spaghetti.) I’ll provide reading glasses and an apron to wear.
  4. Since I’ve been actively following FlyLady, I do usually get the dishes processed after dinner every night. But it took a while.  Now I don’t like to see dishes in the sink waiting to be washed. Maybe the House Elf for # 3 will be willing to do double duty. If so, I’ll add socks.
  5. I need another House Elf to follow us (Me and DH) around the house, especially after we bring something into the house be it things we just bought or the mail or newspapers, to pick up after us. And to sweep at least once a week to get rid of the dust-kittens (my cats and one of our dogs (the other is a poodle) shed and after a week the shed hair turns into dust-kittens.)  Probably ought to mop at least once a week and vacuum the few (40 year old) carpets, too. What’s the going item of clothing for this? Shoes?  Done!
  6. And finally, the most annoying thing in our lives are the telemarketers, whether they’re promoting a free cruise (which isn’t free,) trying to buy our timeshares, begging for charitable donations, or, worst of all, campaigning for political candidates. We have an answering machine and we screen our calls through it. If we don’t recognize the phone number or name of the business calling, we let the answering machine take it. Most won’t leave a message.  But the political campaigners usually do and they go on for five minutes or more. I’d like a Troll (possibly an ogre) in this case, to dive through the phone lines and throttle the person on the other side.  If it’s only a computer then I’d like them to send an EM pulse into their computer so it won’t work at all. What kind of payment do Trolls and Ogres get? Send me an estimate.

All kidding aside, I know that some, probably most, of the people who work for the telemarketing companies can’t get jobs elsewhere and they have to have some kind of income. But they are coming into my house uninvited and I tend to be rude to them (what would you do if some bum just walked into your house and begged for money?)

As for the political campaigners, I’m warning you right now, if you call my house and try to solicit my vote or convince me to vote for your party , you are doing only one thing – YOU (yes YOU, not your candidate, not your party) are turning me AGAINST whatever you’re for. I am intelligent enough to make that decision for myself without you invading my house through my phone. [And don’t come to my door, either.]



Hey Wait A Minute – Just How Dumb Do You Think I Am?

Have you seen this ad?

Is your “extra virgin” oil even a “virgin” at all?
Shocking findings of new study—see below.
Fresh Pressed Olive Oil But here’s the good news—now there are exquisitely flavorful olive oils available in America independently certified to be 100% pure extra virgin. Even better news—as a reader of, you are entitled to receive a full-size sample bottle free, of “the world’s greatest olive oil”1—straight from the olive harvest, at the peak of flavor, freshness, and nutritional quality.
1. Source: My Healing Kitchen, September, 2013

by Dr. Joe W. Frazer III, MD
Specialist in geriatric medicine; consultant to the Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club”

This Dr. Frazer III, MD, is offering a free bottle, out of a stock of 600, to the first 600 people who sign up for the bottle a month at $39 each. This is supposed to be the freshest, best olive oil in the world but I have a few questions.
1) I’ve been seeing this ad in various on-line food or health subscriptions for over a year so does that mean that he can’t even entice 600 people to spring for the free bottle? Aw, com’on – I know there are at least 600 gullible folks out there who would have gone for in a month. So, by my calculations, the 600 bottles should have been gone about 11 months ago.
2) About those bottles every month – if they are the standard 2 cups of oil, I’d be bathing in the stuff by now. I can’t see me using 2 cups of olive oil in one month. In fact, I don’t see very many people, except maybe those of Greek or Italian heritage, using that much and how many of those families are there? Enough to keep him in business?
3) What about supply? Suppose only 200 of those first 600 subscribe and he gets only 200 more each month. After the first month he has to supply 800 bottles (if he keeps running the ads), then the third month its going to be 1,000 bottles. He’s going to be sending this freshly pressed olive oil ALL YEAR LONG. If I’m not mistaken, oil trees bloom and set fruit once a year. Even in year-round temperate climates at most you’ll get only two crops in one year. AND he’s buying from only those small family-owned olive farms who used to sell only locally. Those small family-owned farms can only produce so much. So, where’s the rest of his supply?

Somehow I don’t believe he can honestly deliver what he promises? Do you?

Not EVERYMAN’s friend – A rant

Yesterday when we went shopping, I spoke with my favorite checker.  He told me that he might not be around much longer. I asked if he was sick and he said no and that he hadn’t made his decision yet. Turns out, the company he works for, Smiths, has gone to an electronic scheduling process and he’s getting less than half-time. It’s not enough to pay for health insurance for him and his family.  I had noticed that he wasn’t around as much lately and had been moderately concerned. I mean I like the guy. He’s fun to be around and if his station is open I’ll wait in line to let him check us out.

Apparently this new automated scheduling process is set up to deny non-management workers a full forty hours (can’t get close to 40; that might mean overtime.) Consequently it gives the impression that Smith’s is to be determined to have only part-time employees. Now that is counter-intuitive to my way of thinking.

If a company doesn’t care enough to give their workers a living income, including the ability to get/afford health insurance, then they shouldn’t be surprised when their turn-over rate increases. They’ve done it to themselves. There are advantages to treating employees well. Happy employees develop relationships with the customers. This encourages the customers to return to the store which means profit to the store. If all a store has is part-time employees who change with the winds, then the shopping experience becomes dull, boring and frequently aggravating. Customers will go to other stores and the local store becomes unprofitable. That means the parent company loses another store and eventually the town.  Gone is the humanity in the business.  You’d think that a Mormon based business would care about their employees, and, consequently, their customers.

Coincidentally, or maybe not, our town of 21,000 is getting a new Smith’s superstore.  It’s due to open in May (although they’re really having to push to complete it on time.) There currently are two national-chain grocery stores (both Smith’s) in the city/county – one in the town-site where the new one is being built, and the other  in our bedroom community about 10 miles (and 500 vertical feet) away.  When questioned we’ve been told that our Smith’s won’t be closed, just the one in the town-site. I’m beginning to wonder about that, too.

Now, why should I be a loyal shopper to a business that isn’t loyal to it’s employees? Why should I shop where the employee turn-over is so fast that you never get the same checker twice in a month? Why should I patronize a business that doesn’t want to make my shopping experience pleasant? If I want an impersonal store, I’ll do my major grocery shopping at Walmart (which isn’t that much further away than the town-site Smith’s) and find a co-op locally to support instead.

Are the ‘big-businesses’ in your area concerned with the well-being of their employees and customers or are they just concerned with the bottom line? What can you do about it?