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Writing Update

I’ve actually been spending more than an hour each morning on my novel.  I am now to the point where I’m checking to see if I’ve got all the character Sketches for all the characters involved (need three more) and all the places sketched out as well (need to get a written “sketch” of Brede’s home and a bit more on the layout of BrightRock [can’t decide yet on whether to spell it BriteRock or BrightRock.  Was leaning to BriteRock but now like BrightRock better.])

I’m also reading the manual for Scrivener, the software I’m using. I can write my draft from within the outline and then compile it in the program as well. I’ll have to decide on the format for the compile at some point but mainly I need to find out where I actually write my scenes. I don’t want Scrivener to title each one as Scene # but I do want my chapters identified by number (or maybe a chapter title – haven’t quite decided on that.)  Then I want to print all my character sketches and all my setting descriptions to use while writing. I could use the split screen feature but I don’t know if I’d get too confused using it.

By Monday I should be actually writing the draft of my novel, one hour a day.  I’d say I’ve made pretty good progress so far in 17 days. If I can write as much as I did with Ruby, (a chapter in 5-8 hours every Sunday and finished the draft in 20 weeks) I could be looking at the first draft being done by mid June. Once I’m ready to start writing, I’ll turn on the word count and timer within Scrivener to give accurate numbers.