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TOPS Chapter Scrapbook update

This is the plan I wrote up yesterday.

I’ve got one project that needs to be as finished as possible before I leave on May 13 for a TOPS State Recognition Day that’s 230 miles from home.  The project is to update the old (as in started around May 1969) TOPS Chapter scrapbook. It was kept fairly well until sometime in the 1980’s.  I’ve got some pictures from the year(s) 2000+ category (I first joined in 1986-9) that I will be adding.

(1) I’ve taken apart the old scrapbook as the cover was starting to wear badly and have put
      the pages all in page protectors in a more modern 3-ring binder scrapbook. I grabbed
      the TOPS related photos I’d already had printed (before I went digital.)
 (2) Go through all the pictures in my Lightroom® catalog and put them in a quick
        collection. [I did this and then hit some keys (butterfingers!) and managed to put the
        whole catalog of pictures (17,000+) in the collection.]
(3) Today I will go through that collection and move just the TOPS related ones into the
       SECOND quick collection – or research how to close a quick collection without deleting
      all the pictures.  I just want to get rid of that collection but not my photos. I’ll try an
       experiment with a collection or fewer photos. [ I went ahead and managed to fix the
       error – turns out that you can remove, i.e. delete, any collection without affecting the
       photos – they stay in the catalog and on your hard-drive or wherever you had them in
       the first place.]
(5) I will go through all the photos (there were 166, several of which are duplicates) and
      pick the best ones and do a quick clean-up of each picture (mainly white balance.)
(6) Then I will print the photos I’ve worked on. They’ll have to dry for a while so I’ll start
       planning the pages.
(7) Make a list of what pages I’ll need. [and what supplies I want to use.]
       A. Colors for bases (no more than 3 different ones that complement each other)
       B. Patterned pages – I’ve got hundreds of pattern papers and most are just single
            sheets in both 12×12 and 8.5 x 11. No more than two patterns per page or double
             pages – prefer one to be either checks, stripes, circles and the other floral.
(8) Create a new title page.  At the same time create a 3×3 title block for the insert in the
       front of the binder.
(9) I have a page designer kit that I bought when I first started scrapbooking but never
       really used.  It’s got page maps (sketches) and templates for cutting the parts.  Since
       I’m planning on using that with the family heritage albums I’ll be creating later, I’ll
        start with this one.
        A. Pick the page map I’ll use.
        B. Identify the card stock and patterned paper to use.
        C. Page Title and alpha die cuts to use.
        D. Put all in LARGE plastic zip-lock bag.
(10) Build the pages.
There you have it.  10 steps. Steps 1-9 I’ll allow one week (Step 9 will get 4 days.) The rest have about 2 weeks to finish.  I’ll let you know how it goes.
Actually I managed to do steps 1-6 yesterday – I was really on a roll – so now I’m on step 7. I still have to cut apart the pictures (and may have to spend some time checking the metadata on the pictures to get the dates.) But I can get started on the real work as I just added 4-5 days to what originally was going to be two weeks.

OMG – I’ve only got three weeks before SRD

In two weeks, May 13, SRD (State Recognition Day for New Mexico TOPS Chapters) will start.  This year’s theme is “Thanks for the Memories” and chapters are encouraged to bring their chapter scrapbooks to display for others.

I’m the chapter “historian” now and the scrapbook needs to be brought up to date.  The last entry was sometime in the 80’s, I think. I joined the local TOPS chapter sometime in the 80’s but didn’t really start with the program until the late 90’s or early 2000’s.

I have some pictures from as early as 2007 (166 to be exact but several are duplicates or member pictures for our “Tail-cutting Board.” (I need to get a picture of the board to put in the book.)

BTW – TOPS is a non-profit, International Weight Loss organization that’s been around since 1948.  TOPS stands for Take Off Pounds Sensibly. (You can learn more by checking out .)

So, I have a plan to get this done and you, my readers, are invited to come along and watch my progress.