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Writing Update and Snow

Only 782 words this morning.  Spent time trying to find the one book on Ravens that gave me the various sounds the ravens make (Mind of the Raven by Bernd Heinrich) which I read several years ago. Now I’ll have to speed scan it to find more information so I can put them in the story and bring Jess to life.  Also trying to find recipes for specific herbal “medicines”.  I know I had them at one time when I concocted the recipe for Colin’s elixir but don’t know which book(s) I got them from. Things like a “tonic” and a “free breathing tea”.  I really need to annotate my notes with the books where I found things to use in my writing. Another “problem” is figuring out how to package these things. Brede lives in a somewhat primitive area. Although magic can help with somethings (like using pottery or ceramics for containers and even piping) I can’t make use of iron objects for the most part which means that for most folks cauldrons will have to be made of copper or brass. My villain will have cast iron which will make elves uncomfortable or weak if they get too close.  (Traditionally elves and iron don’t mix.)

Changing the subject. – It snowed most of yesterday and a lot more during the night.  Our schools are delayed by 2 hours and locals and carpoolers should arrive between 10 and 10:30 and the rest by 10:45 at the Lab*.  They hope to have most of the parking lots and roads cleared by then as well as the walkways around the administrative buildings.  Glad I don’t have to get out in it any more.

Looks like we got between 4 and 6 inches. It’s really weighing down the branches  on the cedar in the back yard.  When I let Daisy, our standard bred Poodle, out this morning she came in with snow clumped in her feet and wet from the still falling snow.   The storm is supposed to move out by 5 this afternoon and be sunny tomorrow but with highs in the 30’s so there won’t be much melting going on today or tomorrow.

* Los Alamos National Laboratory