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Free Write

So, mind dump.  What’s on my mind?  Lots.  Got to get the Aurora connected and up and running. Also need to pre work the 30 Days of Lists and get them programmed to be posted when I’ll be sort of off-line getting everything reloaded (all my Adobe products that I have in the Cloud will have to be reloaded on the new computer.)  Before I start that I need to find out about getting a few programs on it that I don’t want to pay for again but do want to have, like my Internet Download Manager. Scrivener would be nice as well. Most of the other stuff, well maybe reload my Wild Tangent Games since I pay for that monthly but that shouldn’t be too difficult. First thing to get going once it’s up is my password manager. Then things should move relatively smoothly.

Also on my mind is getting thread (basic white, black, red, navy) so I can hem up two pairs of pants and maybe make the cover for the machine in the pretty apple cloth that I got from Mother.  Not going to be able to make anything for me to wear – need to relearn how to alter patterns  so things will fit. But maybe some of the patterns I have from a designer I’ve bought will fit me good and I can go from there.

Also – getting ready to go on our trip.  I’m thinking I will get all the cat food packaged and stored away several days before we leave so that they don’t get too suspicious.  Now if I could only pack without them finding out, but that’s not possible.  We’ll have to pack the day before.  I want that Thursday to be very quiet and calm – like nothing is going to happen.  We don’t have to leave until after lunch.  If we have everything in the garage on Wednesday, then they will have no clue.  Sheesh!  The things we have to do to placate our animals (especially the cats!)

Should I clear out all the pictures on my camera?  I don’t know how many more I’ve got on this card, either. I have several new cards to take with me so I guess it’s not that much of an issue really.  Once we get back I’ll have a whole new list of things I want to do.  There’s finish the cruise albums from the last two or three cruises, finish the Pagosa Springs pages for the last three summers, learn how to use the TOPAZ Labs presets. Get my digital scrap supplies purged, and into a LR Catalog (but I want to go through what I have and get rid of the stuff that doesn’t sing to me. ) I also have to pre-label, i.e. put the identifiers at the beginning of each item so I can easily create the collections they’ll need to go into.  Eventually I’ll want to keyword by color, type (like brads, flairs, ribbons, etc) [they will already be classified as elements, papers, alphas, overlays, and word art in collections], and themes (Holidays, Seasons, Nature, Travel, etc) and the appropriate sub-categories in the themes like Christmas, Halloween, Valentines, Spring, Fall, Winter, Summer, Plants, Animals, Fish, Birds, Reptiles, US, Cruises, Europe.

Then there’s the books. I need to revise Ruby, actually write out the Plot for Emerald and get the book written, dream about Sapphire, Diamond and Tanzanite and write down the ideas I have to for them.

Don’t forget all the Great Classes I have and all the tutorials for Photoshop, Lightroom, Premier Pro.  There’s lots for me to do and, hopefully, still lots of time to get it all done.

Oh yes, got to make all the cards that I bought supplies for.

I could fill a day easily – an hour for card making, two hours for writing, three if you count the blog, 2-3 for reading emails (think I should cut back on some of my subscriptions?), an hour for sewing – not too bad if I do it every day – might need a little bit longer for pinning and laying/cutting out the patterns, an hour for classes or tutorials (different class or tutorial each day? switch between one class and one tutorial until I finish then start on another?)

Decisions, decisions. Where to start?