List 17


Prompt if my pet(s) ruled the world

  1. “That OTHER cat wouldn’t be around!” says the Black cat. (He’s 17 and really doesn’t like the other cat. Don’t know exactly what it is about her but he really, REALLY doesn’t like her.
  2. “That OTHER cat wouldn’t be around!” says the Black and White cat. (She’s 16 and has the softest fur I’ve felt. She doesn’t like him because he always chases her and she can’t run that much faster than him – so her rear-end is sore from the constant swipes he gets on her.)
  3. “Everyone would give me treats and let me jump on them.” says Peaches (dog.) Peaches is a mixed breed that came out of a golden retriever – her daddy was a traveling man and didn’t stick around long enough to see his pups. She’s short-haired (but sheds A LOT) reddish-gold in color and looks a little like a coyote or maybe there’s some Basinji in the mix but she can really run.  She also likes to sing along with me.  We have a howling good time then. (I don’t let her jump on me.”)
  4. “I’d get to chase my blue ball everyday and never have to get clipped,” says Daisy (poodle.)  Daisy is a pure-bred standard poodle. She’s solid black and is at the smaller range for a standard. She needs clipping about every 6 weeks or so in the summer and might be able to go 2 months in the winter.  We got her when she was almost 7 and she’s 10 now.  She does enjoying running after her blue ball and bringing it back to you – unless she’s getting tired then she’ll get the ball but not bring it back.  She knows if she does, someone will throw it for her and that’s her way of stopping the game. Poodles are quite smart.

September 16 List



Prompt: I would like to improve.

My eating and activity/exercise habits and my completion statistics.  I’m go0d at starting a project but lack the carry-through to completion.  I either get bored with the project or frustrated that is doesn’t look the way I want it to or “Life Happens” and I start doing something else.

September 15 List


Prompt: On my ‘to watch’ list

Note – I got behind on the lists so somethings happened after the 15th, that made it to this list. The first two I’ve seen in the theater – now if they’d only come out with the DVD. When we saw ‘San Andreas’ right when the tsunami was about to hit the tower for the third and final time, the theater lost power (for 10-15 minutes.)  When the power came back on, the resumed the story about 10 minutes further along so we didn’t get the full impact of the tsunami <wan grin.> Scorpion and NCIS are starting up this week and Castle season 8 is also starting this week.  We watched the last one of season 7 (on DVD)  on Sunday (Sept20.) The day before I did this layout, I got sucked into watching some U-tube videos and ended up watching a lot of flash mob action.  Since we’re going to be in the LA area around Christmas I’ve told my kids that I’d like to see, be in the midst of, a flash mob (musical, please; I count Bagpipes & Drums as music, too.) When I talked to my daughter she said she remembers that the Trans-Siberian Orchestra puts on a concert/play for the Christmas season.

September 14 List


Prompt for today was Things that confuse me.  Extras are from the Autumn Glory kit by Lindsay Jane Designs.

September 13 List


The prompt for this was My Dream Job.  Since I’m retired and really not interested in going back to work, I decided to list various jobs I’ve had.  I forgot that I’d been a Tupperware Rep also in Charlottesville, Va.  I put my favorite job in red. I found I really enjoyed teaching.

The extras are from Lindsay Jane Designs Autumn Glory kit.

Lists 11 and 12


Yesterday and today were a little off so I’m posting both days today.  Yesterday, the 11th, I was to list my best friends.  I didn’t think I really had many friends until I considered my on-line friends and found I had quite a few.  Today I looked back on my lists and chose the 3 that either surprised me or made me think.

Extra supplies are all by Lindsay Jane Designs either from Autumn Falls or Autumn Glory kits.

September 10 List


Prompt: Favorite Souvenirs

Okay, so I misspelled souvenirs on the layout.  Proves I’m not perfect and it’s not worth it to redo at this point.

We used to buy mugs as our souvenirs when we traveled.  But then we started traveling more, especially after the kids left home. And really, how many mugs do 2 people need when only one drinks coffee?  So now we get matching T-shirts. And I download not only the photographs that I take, but also what everyone else takes whether on their cameras or cell-phones. Plus I like to pick-up guidebooks when we travel.  Only one or two problems with that – we have so many matching T-shirts that we don’t have room to store more; I have over 15,000 photographs most of which have not been put in scrapbooks, and we don’t have much room on our bookshelves.

But that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop traveling.

Decorative items on the page are all by Kate Hadfield from two of her kits “Digiscrapping” and “All the Everydays.”

September 9 List


Prompt: On My Fall List

These are the cards I’d like to make this fall.   Once I figured out how many cards I’d need for all the items on the list, I wondered if I’m over-estimating my commitment to my desires.  Halloween is for my TOPS group plus two children I know of. Thanksgiving is just for my TOPS group. Christmas includes the TOPS group, plus in-laws, plus family and their in-laws.  At least I know the birthdays will be taken care of (total 5, with at least 1 ready, maybe 2.)

I added supplies from The Daily Digi special kit (membership reward given every 3 or 4 (3 I think) months continuous) “My Life of Celebration.”  I had to go find the turkey – Heather Roselli “Gobbleon.”  And the corner swirls are from Lindsay Jane Designs “Color My World Fawnish” kit.

September 8 List


Prompt: My Pinterest Boards

I used Lindsay Jane Design’s Autumn Glory kit for the extras on this layout.

As you can see, I’m not very active on my Pinterest site. I don’t spend a lot of time browsing on the Web.  However, I do subscribe to “design seeds (for all who love color)“.  Everyday I get one or two emails with two pictures and a color break-down of the top six colors in the pictures.  If I like the picture, then I’ll click on the link so I can click on the “pin-It” button. But once it’s on the board, I very seldom go back and look at it. Guess I’m not totally into the Web movement. (I also don’t have a data plan for my cell phone.)

September 7 List


Prompt: What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail.

I never go into anything expecting to fail. I have tried things that didn’t work out but don’t consider them failures.

The only thing I’d really like to succeed at, i.e. reach my goal, is to get down to my target weight in good health and stay there.  The thoughts expressed on this layout say it all.

Besides the usual kits from Lindsay Jane Designs and Tulula Moon are by Dawn Inskip from her Inchloss kit. (I’ve had that kit since I started digi-scrapping at least six years ago.)