September 6 List


Prompt: My favorite things to eat for breakfast

  1. Eggo bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich
  2. Fruit – Watermelon, peaches, strawberries, honeydew melon
  3. Toaster Scrambler
  4. Sausage Biscuits
  5. Blueberry Muffins
  6. Cheese Biscuits
  7. Herring Roe
  8. Scrambled Eggs
  9. bacon
  10. Bacon
  11. BACON
  12. !!BACON!!

Just in case you haven’t figured it out yet, I like bacon.  I wanted to decorate the page with bacon and had a hard time finding any digital kits that had bacon in them.  Finally I found one at The Lily Pad and one at The Sweet Shoppe.  When I told my husband, he said “Maybe they should get a clue.”  I can’t believe I couldn’t find much.  Kate Hadfield (The Lily Pad) kit “We go together like” had bacon and so did TracyReed and Krystal Hartley (Sweet Shoppe) in their collaboration “Kiss My Grits” kit. Nothing in Designer Digitals, Scrap Girls, Scrapbookgraphics, or A Cherry on Top.

September 5 List


Prompt: Movies that make me laugh.

Besides the regular base, the borders and string at the bottom are from Lindsay Jane Designs’ Autumn Glory kit.

  1. Any Police Academy
  2. Modern Problems
  3. The Vacation Movies
  4. Sister Act (1 & 2)
  5. Men in Black
  6. Airplane (Leslie Nielson)
  7. Monster-in-Law
  8. The In-Laws
  9. Meet the Parents

I had to go look at our selection of movies to find movies that were funny – mostly I like what I call “feel good” movies – those movies that may be scary (Jurassic Park) but end well with most people intact and somewhat healthy. (Expendables)

September 4 List


Prompt: What keeps me up at night.

  1. Not much
  2. Leg cramps – but they usually GET me up and it takes a while to settle down again.
  3. I usually fall asleep fairly quickly, but sometimes when nature calls ruing the night, my brain taks that as time to rummage about any and everything and it takes an hour or more to GET BACK TO SLEEP!.

Besides the usual Autumn Falls kit by Lindsay Jane Designs and the Journal Junques kit by Tulula Moon, I used Lindsay Jane Designs’ Autumn Glory kit for the corner treatments and the scatter of leaves.

September 3 List


Prompt: Favorite Days of the Year

A little more decoration on this one – all from The Daily Digi. I used “My Life of Celebrations”, “My Life of Adventure”, and “My Life at Home” from various designers.

  1. My Birthday – Devil’s Food Cake with 7-minute icing.
  2. Christmas
  3. Valentine’s Day which is our Anniversary.
  4. Any day on a Cruise
  5. Any day that I see friends or relatives who live far away.


September 2


Prompt – Today can best be described as

“Autumn Falls” kit by Lindsay Jane Designs; label and card by Tulula Moon’s “Journal Junques”

  1. Hump day
  2. TOPS day
  3. Second day of September
  4. PaperWishes Webisode day
  5. Busy Morning
  6. A SAD DAY. The cat-faced orb weaver spider we’ve been watching out our bedroom window disappeared overnight.  Every night she would repair her web or reweave it.  She was growing bigger every day.  But now she’s gone and no egg sacks are to be found.


We watched that spider for close to two weeks.  She was wheat colored but the “cat-face” was white.  After she’d eat I noticed that the cat-face was getting bigger (her abdomen, I presume.) I looked up about the spider and learned that she would keep weaving and eating until she could place one or two egg sacks and then she’d die.  In the spring the babies would break out and sling a string of web into the wind and drift off to begin the cycle all over again.  It rained last night and also looked like something big tore into the web. I suspect our incipient mother was eaten. This particular type of spider is common and poses no danger to humans or animals.

September 1 List


The prompt for today was “What You May Have Heard About Me”.  Supplies are by Lindsay Jane Designs (Autumn Falls and/or Autumn Glory kits) and Tulula Moon’s “Journal Junques kit” .

  1. I’ve written a 400+ page fantasy novel – but never published it.
  2. I love cats – especially blacks.
  3. I have two grown children and five grandchildren.
  4. I make greeting cards.
  5. I have lived 51 of my 66 years in Los Alamos, NM. (Actually it’s 49 years)
  6. I’m a member of TOPS but I still struggle to lose weight. (I’ve weighed between 191-194 pounds for the last 3 years.)
  7. I am an only child.

September 2015 30 Days of Lists

I’ll be participating in the September 2015 30 Days of Lists next month.  This is the base I’ll be using for all my lists. The background papers are by Lindsay Jane Designs from her “Autumn Falls” and “Autumn Glory” kits.  The day number, label (will be the day’s prompt) and journal (listing) card are by Tullula Moon Designs’ “Journal Junques” kit.

Base for 9-1 layout

Organization Challenge Week 6 & 7

I worked on May 7th, then again on the 11th, then the 13th and the 15th , each day pulling more and more photos out of hiding.  Then I reached the limit of my first plastic photo box and started a new one, a blue one.

May-7-1-of-3May 7   This is what the drawer looked like when I pulled it out.  There weren’t all that many loose photos; the book is my father’s baby book.

May-7-3-of-3May 7 – the plastic storage box getting fuller.

May-7-2-of-3May 7 – what got put back. I think those contact sheets got put in the front of the blue box seen further down.

May-11-1-of-3On May 11 I worked on another drawer. This one was divided so sorting wasn’t as haphazard.

May-11-2-of-3May 11 the plastic box is even more full.

May11-3-of-3May 11 – The empty drawer.  I still have stuff in three of the four drawers; don’t know if I’ll keep the “chest” or not. The stuff in it is memorabilia or  large photos.

May-13-3-of-3This is a divided box that had two areas filled with pictures in plastic bags of our trip to England and France with my parents in 1993.

May-13-1-of-3The plastic photo box is now officially full.

May-13-2-of-3Don’t know what I’m going to do with this box. It’s photo safe but I’m storing my photos elsewhere now.

May15-3-of-5This is where the last box had been stored – it’s sitting on the left and looks like a suitcase. The other two boxes have photos in them I have to sort through as well.

May-15-4-of-5This is where I’m thinking of putting the white and the blue photo storage but I might put them out in the room somewhere.

May-15-5-of-5This is my next area in the room to clean out. The basket is cards my husband and/or I have received during our 34 years of marriage.  My next step is to start organizing my embellishments but also still work on pictures.

May-17Today May 17.  I’ve also been trying to work on my Father’s Day cards. I’m having difficulty on selecting a design. I’ve pulled out some things (like a Happy Father’s Day stamp) and looked in my collection of card instructions so now my table is a mess, again.

Organization Challenge Week 5 (finished)

Last week (Week 5) I organized 3 drawers, four if you count the one I didn’t realize was there AND the file folder drawer in the rolling Iris® cart. I finished the third drawer and then realized there was another drawer under that THEN the file folder drawer.  These are photos of the first drawer done on 04-30 from start through pictures out to pictures sorted and what went back into the cart.





Then on 5-1 I worked on the unexpected extra drawer and put all the manila envelopes in the hanging file folders. (I took all the “books” of Paper Pizazz and put them with the stash of 8 1/2 x 11 scrapbook papers that are in another Iris® cart.  Haven’t decided what I’m going to do with that size of papers.)




On 5-02 I grabbed a drawer out of a “chest of drawers made out of photo-safe treated cardboard and divided it up.






I also finished all the Mother’s Day cards I needed to make.

Now it’s time to start on Week 6. This is the actual week when you’re supposed to start working on your photos and negatives.  I’m not worrying about negatives. I have two more drawers in that chest.  The first one has a mishmash of photo sizes and subjects including my father’s baby book.  I won’t take anything out of that book but will use it when I work on that side of the family’s heritage photos. The second one (actually the third one because I worked on the first one last week) has dividers in it so that should be a quick transfer into my big plastic storage box.  There is a fourth drawer which has lots of ship’s photographer pictures from various cruises and other pictures.  Hopefully I can get through those three drawers this week.

And on the “card adjenda” I have three birthdays (my father, a granddaughter and a grandson) and three Father’s Day cards (2 for my husband one of which is from the fur-babies) and one for my father before the last birthday in June. In July is my son’s birthday but I may have one already made for him – just have to check.

DogJog 2015

The annual Friends of the Shelter DogJog was held last Saturday, April 25.  We participated (John and Peaches finished, I didn’t quite make it all the way around.)


This is us at the start of the walk. I’m number 69 and I’ve got Daisy (black, standard poodle.) John has Peaches (straining at the leash.)


This is John after he left me waiting.


And this is me waiting for John to pick us up.  I didn’t finish the whole route but walked farther than I’ve been doing lately.