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September 19 List


Prompt – How I stand out in a crowd

  1. I’m not the quiet one.
  2. I’m usually not afraid to state my opinions. (unless it’s to my father or maybe someone important like a Rabbi, Priest, or Preacher.)
  3. I use reasoned logic and precise English in my arguments (I don’t want to be misunderstood.) The more obtuse or nasty my opponent is, the more proper my English becomes.
  4. I don’t suffer fools (period!)
  5. I will admit when I am wrong.

Not listed, I give credit where credit is due and I don’t appreciate others take credit for something they didn’t do (whether I’m the one who deserves the credit or someone else is.)

September 2015 30 Days of Lists

I’ll be participating in the September 2015 30 Days of Lists next month.  This is the base I’ll be using for all my lists. The background papers are by Lindsay Jane Designs from her “Autumn Falls” and “Autumn Glory” kits.  The day number, label (will be the day’s prompt) and journal (listing) card are by Tullula Moon Designs’ “Journal Junques” kit.

Base for 9-1 layout